Looking for a company to handle the importation of your Porsche to the United Kingdom?

Fill out our quote form below to get a quote, read on to find out about the process.

We are a full-service importer, meaning we handle everything from the collection of your car through to the registration once it has been shipped, modified, and tested.

You don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to the logistics, paperwork, or issues that might arise.

The process starts with you filling out a quote form. Once we have all the details about your Porsche we can work out the best way to get it to the United Kingdom including recommendations about the type of transport that is required based on the value of your vehicle.

We’re enthusiasts and we understand that no two vehicles are alike and like to better understand what your requirements are.

Unlike our competitors, we look at every quote request, then tailor your quote for your specific needs.

No instant calculators here we’re afraid. We also look attempt to get your vehicle consolidated with other shipments to bring the cost down for you and to ensure swift delivery to our premises.

Once you agree to use us to import your vehicle, we’ll collect it and deliver it to the nearest port ready for shipping.

You’ll get updates along the way so you can keep track and know that things are progressing. If there are any issues we’ll let you know and take care of them.

Then we clear the vehicle through customs, deliver it to our premises, modify the vehicle for compliance in the United Kingdom and ultimately register it.

Depending on the age of your vehicle there are a few routes to registration, so its best to get in touch for a better idea of what is involved.

As a company, we have helped to import some of the most expensive Porsches known to the automotive industry like the 918 Spyder. But it must be said, we do love a classic 911.