Are you thinking about importing one of the most sought after American cars ever made into the United Kingdom?

It’s one of the few cars in existence that ticks all of the boxes when it comes down to cars that air timeless.

The handworked steel body and ridiculous 8 cylinder engine are the telltale signs for this American motor. But with very few of these left in the world, they are perfect for importing into the United Kingdom.

We have worked with quite a few of these and can even assist with modifications if requested. For the most part though – these are a dream to import.

If you are brave enough to drive it on the roads we can assist with the registration process which is much simpler thanks to the classic heritage of this vehicle. You won’t even need an MOT – although we would recommend one.

But we’re here to also deal with the entire shipping process on your behalf.

Depending on the value of the vehicle we can offer various routes to the United Kingdom including air freight.

You can find out more about the American cars that we have worked with on our homepage but for the most part, we’ve imported them all – even a classic Corvette drag racing car.