Strangely the 1965 Mustang wasn’t as sought after as the 1967 Mustang.

Obviously, there is a strange love for 1967 – but there are some fantastic Ford Mustangs that were made in 1965 like the GT 350. Some of the cars from this particular period of time also fan favourites like the incredibly affordable 289 Mustang which if you can find the Hardtop Coupe looks stunning.

The 1965 Mustang was the first to be created and it didn’t really quite have that association with raw power and refinement that the later models had, which as we all know, is why the Mustang is phenomenal.

But the great thing about this original line of Mustangs is they don’t carry that collector’s premium you might find with other classic cars from the United States.

They’ve often overlooked bargains and we can assist with the process of shipping your Mustang to you.

We offer a door to door registration service put to save you some money it’s worth getting the car straight to you as you won’t need an MOT to register it. We can take care of all the paperwork remotely and then send you the classic number plates in the post ready to fit them to your car.

Whilst you won’t need an MOT to drive your 1965 Mustang once it is registered we would recommend it is still taken for a yearly service to check it is safe to drive.

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